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CASI brings together faculty and other experts to collaborate around core issues involving the intersections of corporations and society. CASI engages Congress, agencies, and other decision-making bodies, at both the state and federal level, to provide greater balance to policy debates and useful, fact-based solutions.

Fixing a Rigged System

Anat R. Admati explains why our financial system still struggles with misconduct.

Working Papers

Journal Articles

Policy Papers


Policy Comment Letters

CASI frequently participates in public comment processes before a range of state, federal, and international regulatory and legislative bodies. CASI seeks to provide decisionmakers with neutral and unbiased expertise to encourage policymaking in the public interest.

Excessive Leverage and Risk in Banking

Assembled writings on excessive indebtedness, or leverage, in the financial sector and capital regulation, or the regulation of the funding mix, of banks and other financial firms.

The pieces are aimed at multiple audiences and vary in length and presumed knowledge on the part of readers.

To make these pages useful, we first describe the main writings and relate them to one another, then provide a page with links to additional pieces grouped by topic.